Deltec Home Receives Green Built NC Gold Level Certification

December 12th, 2014

Deltec’s recent entry to the 33rd Annual  Parade of Homes, the Whetstine residence, received the Green Built NC Gold Level Certification and a HERS score of 60. The green features of the home include a sealed crawlspace to control humidity and keep ductwork efficiently inside conditioned space, spray foam insulation in the roof, wall insulation and decking materials made from recycled plastic, low-VOC paints and stains, bamboo flooring, all CFL lights, and sustainably forested cabinetry.

Coming Soon: Three Additional Models for Deltec’s Renew Collection

December 12th, 2014

Renew Collection, Deltec Homes Chestnut model

We launched the Renew Collection in late 2013 with optimism that the time had finally come for net-zero principles to become more widely used in home building, and faith that many of our customers would aspire to this goal. But little did we know it would prove to be such an immediate success! Interest in our Renew Collection is so high that we are in the process of designing three more models, with the goal of doing so every year.

With the addition of these three models, the Renew Collection truly has something for everyone. Deltec has been offering small round homes since long before the Tiny House movement began, so it only made sense to incorporate one of our smaller signature round models into the Renew Collection. At 800 sq ft  with a small wing, this model is designed to live big in a small space, with plenty of unique and delightful outdoor living space.

The Chestnut, another new model seen here in a preliminary phase of development, is an Arts and Crafts style two-story square home, at 1800 square feet.

Finally, we will be offering a single-level, mid-size, modern square design at 1600 sq ft with an optional loft office/living area that adds 330 square feet.

Interested in learning more about the Renew Collection? Call 800.642.2508

Deltec Wins Outstanding Green Business of the Year from Local Sierra Club

December 12th, 2014

From the left:From Deltec, Leigha Dickens, Green Building Coordinator and Steve Linton, President of Deltec Homes accept the Outstanding Green Business of the Year award from Local Sierra Club leader Ken Brame

The Western NC Group of the Sierra Club recently presented their 2014 Community Leader awards. Deltec received the coveted award for Outstanding Green Business of the Year. Local Sierra Club leader Ken Brame said they chose Deltec for the energy efficient homes they build, including a net zero collection, and the fact that Deltec operates with 100% renewable energy. Brame also cited Deltec’s commitment to reducing excess construction waste from landfills –  currently at 81% – through recycling and reuse, with a goal of 0% landfill waste by 2016. Said Brame, “Deltec exemplifies the true meaning of being a “green business” and the Sierra Club is happy to recognize them for all that they do.”

“We were very honored to receive the Sierra Club’s Green Business of Year Award,” commented Steve Linton, president of Deltec Homes. “We work hard to make the environment a priority in everything we do. For us, environmental responsibility doesn’t mean just ‘lessening our impact’, rather, it means finding ways to have a restorative effect, a positive effect, on our planet through the homes we build. Making decisions with these ideals is not always easy or simple – and the recognition of the Sierra Club encourages us to do more.”

Above, from the left:  Leigha Dickens, Green Building Coordinator and Steve Linton, President of Deltec Homes accept the Outstanding Green Business of the Year award from Local Sierra Club leader Ken Brame.

A Long-Time Wish Fulfilled

December 12th, 2014

Views of the Ridgeline home in progress

Rick and Maureen’s love affair with Deltec began over thirty years ago. They have long been interested in green and energy efficient building concepts, and decided a one-story Deltec would be the perfect retirement home.

As a carpenter Rick says he recognized the quality of the construction during a tour of the Deltec plant. After much thought they decided to build a one level home, for ease of aging in place. They chose the Ridgeline, a predesigned home from Deltec’s Renew Collection, after having purchased a full south facing lot that was perfect for passive solar design.

Says Maureen, “We loved the layout of the Ridgeline, it’s perfect for us. It fits our needs and has a good flow, and the big south windows will help us enjoy our view.”

Rick notes, “We found working with a Deltec sales rep and Deltec project designer to be very helpful. They are always available! They also have a wealth of knowledge and experience about the whole building process, and gave us great suggestions that we might not have thought of otherwise. We also really appreciated the fact that they were mindful of our budget.”

We’ll be sharing more photos of the house as it progresses. To anyone thinking about going with Deltec, Rick and Maureen say, “Go for it! And welcome to the Deltec family.”

Interior and back views of thhe Ridgeline build in progress

Deltec & Wild South Kick Off Matching Funds Donation

November 7th, 2014

If you’ve never seen a hellbender, you’re certainly not alone. The flattened shape of the hellbender’s body makes it uniquely adapted to a life spent mostly under large rocks in rivers and creeks. It also helps them move in fast flowing waters, where their brown skin blends right in as they feed on crayfish. Many people swim right over these salamanders—which can reach a length of 25 inches—without even realizing it!

With a wrinkled body, tiny eyes and wide mouth, hellbenders bear an uncanny resemblance to a dragon. But while they can look fierce, they are actually quite delicate. Hellbenders breathe by absorbing oxygen through the many tiny folds in their skin, and as such they’re very susceptible to water pollution and siltation. The Hellbender is a cornerstone species of the Southern Appalachians, and the presence of this species indicates clean water and healthy habitats—topics close to our heart at Deltec, where we use sustainable building practices to build energy efficient homes for sustainable living.

With our community partner Wild South, Deltec and an anonymous donor are matching donations and engaging the public in the active protection of our unique and vital Southern wildlife species and habitats through the Hellbender Wildlife Protection Campaign.

So let’s hear it for the underdog: the ancient, admittedly slimy hellbender, in its own way, just as unique and wonderful—and important—as a warm and fuzzy brown bear to the Appalachian wilderness. Your gifts will be matched – dollar-for-dollar – up to $10,000! Donate today to help us reach our goal and help protect dozens of wildlife species and millions of acres of habitat in the South!

Interested in learning more about the iconic hellbender? Check out this beautifully crafted short video.

Many thanks to David Wilson,, for the use of his lovely illustration.

Open for Business: Deltec’s Commercial Building

November 7th, 2014

We have seen a surge in our commercial business over the last months, and small wonder: A Deltec is an ideal structure for your commercial project. The unique design maximizes interior space while significantly lowering energy bills and operating costs, and the flexibility of design is a huge benefit for developers. Precision built in a climate-controlled environment means streamlined, efficient, fast construction that takes just months to build. Using the same high quality materials as we use in our homes, Deltec has built everything from schools to churches to yoga studios to wineries, as well as resorts and vacation rentals.

Currently in the works are a retreat center in New Mexico, a community center in California, a yoga studio/retreat center in Georgia, a middle school in North Carolina, and rental units in St. Croix, Virgin Islands—all proof that Deltec is a welcome, unexpected solution for commercial buildings.

If you’d like more information about commercial Deltecs, email Dallam Hart, at

Top three pictures, from the left: Talcott Mountain Academy Student Technology Center, housing a multi-media tilted-dome planetarium, a communications and technology center complete with television production studio, and a conference center; spiritual growth center, Maggie Valley, NC;  Church in Burnt Chimney, VA

Bottom three pictures, from the left: Adawehi Healing Center, Columbus, NC; Howard Gardner School, Alexandria, VA; Panacea Restaurant, FL

Two-Time GRAMMY® Winners Bring Music to Their Deltec Home

November 7th, 2014

Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer are talented singers, songwriters, instrumentalists, educators and record producers. The two-time Grammy® Award-winning duo boasts a repertoire of traditional and contemporary folk, old-time country and swing music. They also have a Deltec home in progress, which will include plenty of square footage dedicated to tying their musical lifestyle in with their home life.

Says Cathy, “Our Deltec home came about organically. Some friends showed us beautiful land in the mountains of North Carolina, a place we have musical ties to. Friends in Washington, DC told us about Deltec and after a visit to the Asheville headquarters, we were psyched to make this round(ish) house with lots of windows for the view, lots of porch space for outdoor living and a great space for us to work in both rehearsal and recording time.”

Cathy and Marcy’s Deltec, a Monterey model, will be spacious, open and inviting, lending itself to “fabulous indoor playing and recording, songwriting, ruminating, and some of the best indoor/outdoor pickin’ parties ever.”

The duo has planned for a display area for their musical instruments in their new home: Cathy and Marcy back their superb harmonies with acoustic & electric guitar, five-string banjo, mandolin, cello banjo, ukulele, and percussion. In 2006 the C. F. Martin Company honored Cathy & Marcy’s musical achievements by creating a signature guitar for each of them. In 2008, the Gold Tone Banjo Company released the Marcy Marxer model cello banjo, modeled after Marcy’s remarkable Gibson 1918 cello banjo, and in 2011 the Kala Ukulele Company debuted the Marcy Marxer model tenor Ukulele.

Cathy comments, “We also envision having some small musical retreats for folks to learn from us, and from other musical and storytelling masters. All to unfold in the future!”

Cathy and Marcy have set out to fund their latest recording, Dancing’ in the Kitchen, through Kickstarter, the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects. The duo says the CD is a “celebration of all of our real families: families with one parent, two parents, grandparents, gay parents, adoptive families … Families are bound by love, and this music celebrates that love and the diversity we see in the world.” Find out more here.

Top: Cathy and Marcy’s Deltec, perched high on a mountain in Western North Carolina.

A Tale of Two Green Homes

November 7th, 2014

Deltec’s Green Building Coordinator, Leigha Dickens, finds that any project that successfully transforms from dream to reality is going to have to accept some compromises between competing environmental concerns. Says Dickens, “Green home projects are often guided by one of two very different general philosophies, each with their separate focus on what it means to be a truly green residence.” And though the means to get there may differ, the common theme in both of these philosophies is low energy use.

Read more

The Icing on the Cake: Delkote Machine Finishing

November 7th, 2014

You might say that machine finished color on your home is the proverbial icing on the cake. Why? Take a trip with us over to Delkote Machine Finishing, part of the Deltec family of companies. This is where we apply machine finished paint to your siding and fascia, as well as stain to your woodwork, such as tongue and groove ceilings and decks. It’s also where we apply FrameGuard® to the structure of your home.

What else happens here? Quality, as well as a meticulous attention to detail that will blow you away. Delkote’s Machine Finishing is a process that assures a longer-lasting and higher quality job than traditional “on-site” applications.

With Delkote’s unique encapsulation process, all six sides of the board, including the butt-ends, are run through the flow-coater and completely covered in paint, ensuring the ultimate protection. The product is allowed to dry thoroughly prior to leaving the factory-controlled environment, and arrives at the construction site totally protected from exposure to water and sunlight, with no color variation, lap marks, streaking or dirt pick-up.

The weather, dirt and general chaos of any job site can’t compete with the conditions inside Delkote’s machine-finishing plant: siding is never exposed to the elements and the most stringent quality control procedures are followed.

By using our Delkote process on fiber cement siding, Sherwin Williams provides a 25 year warranty on the paint! Talk to your sales rep or project manager for more information about using Delkote Machine Finishing for your Deltec home.

Top three photos, from the left: The boards are run through the flow coat machine multiple times; After making sure the color is evenly applied and that there are no lap lines, the boards are moved to giant drying racks; The butt ends of the boards are inspected and, if necessary, touched up by hand.

Bottom three photos, from the left: Boards remain on the racks until the paint, stain or Frameguard® is completely dry; The soffitt vent and H-channel pieces are too small to run through the flow coat machine—they receive several coats of paint by hand.

Far Horizons: Deltec in Mongolia

October 7th, 2014

A Deltec stands next to a Mongolian ger, or yurt.

If you’ve read our blog posts lately, you know that we recently finished building a Deltec home in Ulaanbaatar, the capitol of Mongolia. It might surprise you to know that yet another Deltec has been built in Ulaanbaatar, with the interior close to completion–and that a few more Deltecs are slated for construction there in the near future.

But if you consider that Mongolia is the home of the ger, or yurt, it all begins to make sense. Yurts have been a primary source of housing in Central Asia for over 3,000 years. Known for their tent-like material, round structure, durability and portability, they are still widely used throughout Mongolia.

Keeping the traditional round shape in a modern house is very appealing to our homeowners in Mongolia, as is their extreme energy efficiency: Ulaanbaatar lays claim to being the coldest capital on earth, with winter temperatures dropping below 40°!

In the photo above we see the clean, modern lines of the Deltec belonging to Mandah and John K.  juxtaposed next to the more rounded, soft canvas outline of the ger.

Mandah, born and raised in Mongolia, has long operated a convenience store there. While she and American husband John will live in their Deltec, she also plans to run a hunting lodge out of their two-story, 1,600 sq ft Sierra model.