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MSN Takes Note of Deltec Homes

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Saving the best for last,, in  a recent article about contemporary yurt-like homes, dedicated space to photos and information about Deltec Homes.

Today’s yurt is generally not the pack-and-carry variety devised thousands of years ago on the Central Asian steppes by Mongolian and Turkic nomads. Rather, today’s yurts in the U.S. and in Canada use modern engineered materials. Indeed, their best features are being incorporated into permanent homes that are not meant to be moved.

Enter Deltec Homes: manufacturer of circular, yurt-like structures, sustainably manufactured, energy efficient for the homeowner, and boasting a not-so-incidental track record against hurricanes. In fact, since Deltec began manufacturing homes in 1968, they’ve never lost a Deltec to a hurricane—a distinct advantage over more tent-like structures and other yurt-like homes.

As points out, round homes are also popular due to their design flexibility. A Deltec has no load-bearing walls, leaving the homeowner complete freedom in designing the floor plans.

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Asheville Area Homeowners Tell Local Newspaper Why They Built a Round Home

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Bob and Lynn Montgomery of Lake Adger, NC explained to the local newspaper why they chose to build a round home when they moved to Asheville from Charlotte, NC.

“We wanted a house that embraced its surroundings and Deltec provided the perfect home, says Bob, “but our design does even more than that; our home blends in and shakes hands with the mountains.”

The Montgomery’s built a Sierra (1600 square feet) over a basement with a connector and wing. They enjoy long range views of the mountains of Western North Carolina year-round.

“You couldn’t ask for a better company to work with than Deltec,” says Bob, “or better people. They stand behind their products and continually improve themselves.”

Thank you Bob and Lynn for sharing your Deltec story!

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